Established in 1983, Air Cargo News is the leading source of news, information, interviews, analyses and reports to the global airfreight industry. Our leading portfolio includes print, digital (website, E-Newsletters, apps & social media) as well as events that give businesses in the airfreight industry the ability to connect with decision-makers in this sector.

From December 2016 Air Cargo News will be published monthly. Editorial will focus on more in-depth data, analyses, features, interviews and reports while our highly successful digital products bring breaking news and immediate information to our large global audience.


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For more than 30 years Air Cargo News has been recognised as the world’s leading air cargo publication.


With *ABC circulation of 10,983 and four readers per copy, the 43,000 readership offers advertisers an audience of senior executives and managers in the air cargo industry.

Air Cargo News is audited by Audit Bureau of Circulation, the leading print audit company in UK and a member of IFABC (International Federation of Audit Bureau of Circulation) representing 40 ABC’s in 38 countries.




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Air cargo Industry

With updated daily news, information, Jobs, Events, plus an extensive archive, drives traffic to your own website and maximises brand awareness.

Exclusive news stories, analysis, reports and interviews with top air cargo executives are all accessible.



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11,500 air cargo professionals receive Air Cargo News
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Finding the right people is critical for your business. By using Air Cargo News print and online products, separately or together, you're able to get the right candidates quickly and cos effectively

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