UPS expands express service

26 / 02 / 2018

UPS has expanded its Worldwide Express package service to more than 124 countries and territories, adding 57 new countries and territories last year.

The UPS Worldwide Express service offers guaranteed delivery in 1-3 business days by 10:30am, noon, or 2pm, depending on the destination.

In 2017, the UPS Express service was added to 7,000 new postal codes in countries including, Brazil, India, South Korea, Bangladesh and Madagascar.

“Our international value proposition is to offer a powerful global network and portfolio that connects buyers and sellers through seamless cross-border movements,” said Jim Barber, UPS International president.

“With the latest expansion of UPS Worldwide Express services, we are the industry leader in making this connection in 124 countries and territories, which comprise nearly 96% of the global gross domestic product, and 93% of real imports.”

UPS said that Brazil is the eighth largest economy in the world. Industrial manufacturing and automotive customers depend on UPS Worldwide Express service for critical parts used in production lines.

Meanwhile, imports to India grew by 21% last year. "That growth comes from multiple industries including electronics and industrial machinery," UPS said. "Businesses that are part of these rapidly growing industries can use the newly expanded express service to receive orders earlier than before."

In the Asia Pacific region, South Korea is one of 14 countries included in the expansion of UPS Express service.

"As South Korea continues to lead the way in the auto electronics market, the UPS Express expansion will afford automotive aftermarket manufacturers and distributors located in major industrial areas a competitive edge by connecting them more quickly to other partners across the supply chain," the company said.