Emirates freighter trio rally to meet roses demand

14 / 02 / 2018

With global demand for roses in February estimated at 250m stems, Emirates SkyCargo operated three extra Valentine’s day cargo flights to move over 300 tonnes of flowers to Amsterdam.

While the carrier transports fresh flowers around the world daily, demand spikes around Valentine’s Day and it operates extra flights every year.

The Dubai-based carrier has developed several solutions to ensure the freshness and durability of flowers and other perishables including the White Cover environmentally friendly solution that protects products, such as flowers, while being waterproof and breathable.

Flowers remain a key cargo item for Emirates SkyCargo, especially from major flower exporters like Kenya and Ecuador. In 2017 the carrier transported 45,000 tonnes of flowers from both countries, as well as from India, New Zealand, Vietnam, Zambia and Ethiopia. It moved over 100,000 tonnes of fresh flowers around the world last year. 

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