Emirates has pharma covered with new DuPont material

17 / 08 / 2017

Emirates SkyCargo is rolling out a new pharma white cover solution developed in collaboration with DuPont. 

Featuring DuPont’s Tyvek Xtreme W50 material, the new White Cover Xtreme will offer “enhanced protection for temperature sensitive cargo in hot, cold and wet weather conditions”. 

From June to August 2017, Emirates SkyCargo has also been offering complimentary White Covers to all customers who have temperature sensitive perishables consignments transiting through Dubai. 

An average 30,000 tonnes of perishables transit through Dubai every month on Emirates SkyCargo.

The new triple layered White Cover Xtreme acts as a shield reflecting solar heat when temperatures are high and as a barrier for conduction preventing heat from escaping when temperatures are low, thereby helping maintain cargo internally at the right temperature. 

In addition, White Cover Xtreme is breathable and allows water vapour to escape preventing condensation from forming on the surface of cargo and affecting the integrity of the shipment. 

The new White Cover Xtreme will help shield temperature sensitive shipments, including pharmaceuticals, which travel through extreme and variable weather conditions from origin to destination.

The collaboration between Emirates SkyCargo and DuPont on the new White Cover Xtreme is part of an existing agreement between the two companies to develop new temperature protection solutions, in particular thermal covers, for the air cargo industry. 

The agreement was renewed for a further period of two years until 2019 during the Air Cargo Europe event in Munich in May this year. Complimentary White Cover protection for cargo.