Jan de Rijk swoops on pharma specialist Omega Logistics

21 / 09 / 2015

Airfreight road feeder service provider Jan de Rijk Logistics has acquired Omega Logistics as it looks to expand its temperature control operation.

The deal sees Jan de Rijk take 100% control of the Dutch logistics company, which offers a temperature controlled distribution network to pharmacies, hospitals, patients and other healthcare facilities, for an undisclosed sum.

Jan de Rijk Logistics chief executive Sebastiaan Scholte said: “In the last years the company has grown significantly in the healthcare logistics

“Omega Logistic has an excellent reputation in this market. The addition of Omega Logistics to our group will help us to bring more focus, dedication and growth in this important market.”

Omega Logistics director Gerard van der Weert added: “After years of strong growth this acquisition is a major step in the right direction.

“The entrepreneurial approach of Jan de Rijk Logistics is a perfect match to our corporate culture. This next step will help us grow even further in the healthcare logistics.”

Omega employs more than 20 people, controls a fleet of over 60 vehicles and has access to 2,000 temperature controlled pallet locations.

Meanwhile, Scholte also warned that the influx of immigrants into Europe, particularly on the Dover-Calais route, was increasing supply chain costs.

In response, Jan de Rijk would start charging for the extra waiting times caused by the delays.

"These additional cost were caused by extra waiting times, empty positioning and reduced booking by customers," he said.

"The strict security measures, procedures and state of the art material of our company luckily prevented any disruption. During these months we also had a special operations team in place to constantly monitor the situation."

He urged Europe and the rest of the world to solve this situation.

"First of all from a humanitarian point of view it is our moral obligation to help to solve this situation together. Secondly these problems are also adding cost to the transport of goods.

"Besides delays at crossing between the UK and mainland Europe, we are now also faced with increased waiting times at border crossings due to checks by authorities.

"In an industry with very thin margins these additional cost are not sustainable in the long run. Therefore Jan de Rijk Logistics has announced to start charging waiting cost for every additional hour of delay due to border checks or tunnel disruptions in order to offset at least some of the additional cost burden."