UTi opens Houston oil and gas facility

14 / 05 / 2014

  • UTi Worldwide's new global hub and forwarding facility in Houston

    UTi Worldwide's new global hub and forwarding facility in Houston

UTi Worldwide has opened a new global hub and forwarding facility in the Houston, Texas area, with special capabilities centered on the energy sector.

The global logistics company has stepped up its energy, mining and related projects (EMP) presence there because it understands the special requirements of oil and gas clients.

“We wanted to be in close proximity to better service the major players in this sector," says Bruce Hulings, global vice-president of EMP.

The new TSA-compliant facility is close to Bush International Airport and was designed with specific emphasis on features suited to oil and gas clients.

Three times the size of its predecessor, the development includes best-in-class security technology, and a laydown yard for staging oversized equipment, says a statement.

Additionally, the company has hazmat trained employees on site.

"UTi sees the energy sector as a high potential growth opportunity and as such has invested resources in growing this vertical market,” Hulings points out.

The company has been establishing regional offices in key global markets where energy exploration and drilling is centred.

“Our expertise in managing oil and gas supply chains is among the best in our industry," he enthuses.

"We recognise the unique needs of the Houston market, and built this multi-purpose logistics facility that brings together the best of our project logistics, air, ocean and brokerage operations under one roof," says Ed Feitzinger, UTi’s executive vice-president of global operations.