US option for Opticooler

28 / 09 / 2017

German-based climate-controlled air cargo container provider DoKaSch says its Opticooler unit is now available in the US, with rentals available on more than 20 carriers.

The delivery area for the Opticooler includes a wide swathe of the country, including the east coast and Midwest from Boston to Minneapolis and Washington DC to St Louis, as well as on the West Coast from Los Angeles to Sacramento, Las Vegas and Phoenix. In the free delivery areas the Opticooler will be delivered from DoKaSch hubs to any location for a small handling fee.

DoKaSch already offers a free delivery area in Europe and Opticoolers can be hired directly from a growing number of airlines worldwide.

DoKaSch adds that “a significant number” of RAP (4 CP1-pallets) and RKN (1 CP1-pallet) Opticoolers are now available for immediate use in the US.

Managing director of DoKaSch Temperature Solutions, Andreas Seitz, said: “We are very proud to offer pharmaceutical shippers in the US an easy and hassle-free access to our Opticoolers for a global distribution of their high value and high risk cargo…Opticooler adds great value to the reliability of the global cool chain.”

Equipped with battery powered cooling compressors and heaters as well as a self-regulating temperature control, the internal temperatures of the Opticooler can maintain temperatures in ranges such as 2 - 8°C or 15 - 25°C, regardless of external temperature.