Amazon's Bezos to join Logistics Hall of Fame

14 / 08 / 2017

  • Amazon's Bezos to join Logistics Hall of Fame

    Amazon's Bezos to join Logistics Hall of Fame

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has been nominated to join The Logistics Hall of Fame as a “revolutioniser of e-commerce and logistics”.

Bezos will be officially inducted into the organisation, which was set up to recognise and promote logistics best practice, during a ceremony at the annual Logistics Hall of Fame Gala in the Erich Klausener Hall of the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure in Berlin on November 9.

Anita Würmser, executive jury chairperson of the Logistics Hall of Fame said: “Jeff Bezos has rewritten the history of logistics. His name is synonymous with successful e-commerce and a generation of entrepreneurs whose business models are based on algorithms and innovative logistics solutions. Had it not been for him, not much would have moved in logistics.”

The jury said he was the first person to realise that software and logistics are key to the shift from purchasing-driven trading to demand-driven online trading.

"Thanks to a combination of software, efficient delivery, automation and long-term strategy, the computer scientist transformed transport logistics and intralogistics from the ground up, making Amazon a benchmark for the sector as a whole," the organisation said.

"Almost any technological development is nowadays influenced by e-commerce and many innovations are geared exclusively towards e-commerce. Bezos also impressively demonstrated that innovative logistics make an important contribution to corporate success.

"Innovation is important for Bezos. Working by trial-and-error, Amazon tests new technological innovations almost on a daily basis in order to optimise the shopping process from customer order to parcel delivery."

The organisation added that Amazon has been experimenting with drone delivery since 2013 and that the first logistics centre where some 2,500 transport robots will support the centre’s staff will open in Winsen, Germany, in September.

Other successful examples for Bezos’ technology-focused approach are Amazon’s patented one-click order option based on stored credit card data, as well as even more convenient re-ordering via dash button.

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