Cargolux eyes combination carriers' dilemma

12 / 02 / 2014

  • Richard Forson, interim chief executive at Cargolux

    Richard Forson, interim chief executive at Cargolux

CARGOLUX will capitalise on the impact that belly capacity is having on some combination carriers, by reasserting its cargo-only credentials.

With a number of combination carriers like EVA Air and IAG Cargo forced to dispense with significant freighter lift in the capacity-soaked marketplace, Richard Forson, interim chief executive at Cargolux, sees this trend as an opportunity.

“With the combination carriers, I think their focus is going to be on their core business, which is passenger traffic, rather than freighter traffic,” he insists. "This will likely result in scarce capital resources being reserved for passenger aircraft renewals and acquisition rather than freighter fleet renewals.

“Yes, they have the belly-hold capacity available but, within their total network, they will want to provide a complete service to their customers,” he reckons. "This may also require main-deck freighter capacity."

Cargolux will be in an ideal position to supply this need to these carriers if they lack such lift. There will continue to be a need for main-deck capacity in the future.”

Forson sees the possibility of more combination carriers reducing their freighter fleets, especially as these fleets start coming up for renewal.

The priority is inevitably going to be on the passenger side, he adds. “So they probably may take the decision to exit the freighter business altogether.”Cargolux can close that gap, he says.

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