CHEP to trial energy-saving tracking device

24 / 06 / 2014

  • CHEP is trialling a new tracking device

    CHEP is trialling a new tracking device

ULD management specialist CHEP Aerospace Solutions is to begin trialling a new solar-powered energy saving GPS/GSM tracking device, allowing customers to follow the movement of their shipments.

Installed on each ULD, it is connected to a solar panel and a customised power converter that harvests energy from sunlight and charges the on-board batteries.

CHEP developed its new device in partnership with OnAsset Intelligence. It incorporates OnAsset's SENTRY FlightSafe® real-time data collection and GPS tracking technology – the only tracking solution approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for use on board aircraft during flight.

Results from a field trial, involving 50 ULDs on board a range of aircraft, are to be assessed at CHEP’s Orlando-based Innovation Centre, says a statement.

“We are proud to be part of the team that developed this innovative solution which can solve various logistics challenges in the aviation supply chain and will redefine technology employed in the management of ULDs and cargo,” comments Adam Crossno, chief executive of OnAsset.

“The device meets the aviation industry's stringent laws and regulations that govern the use of portable electronic devices and batteries on board the aircraft and we look forward to the success and widespread use of this new GPS/GSM tracking solution."

Floris Kleijn, IT director for CHEP, adds: "Our new ULD tracking solution combines the accuracy of GPS with the redundancy of GSM, in cases where GPS is unavailable.

“During the field and laboratory trials we will work with our customers to optimise the device and refine the scenarios that can deliver the anticipated customer and business benefits. We are confident that this innovative device will further enhance CHEP's comprehensive ULD management solutions."