West Atlantic cargo plane crashes in Swedish mountains

08 / 01 / 2016

A West Atlantic Sweden aircraft crashed last night (January 7) in Sweden whilst flying from Oslo to Tromsö.

West Atlantic said the Bombardier CRJ200 PF aircraft, which was carrying post for Posten Norge, declared mayday at 23:31 at which point Swedish and Norwegian search and rescue teams were notified.

The crash site was located at 03:10 near the Norwegian border by the lake Akkajaure in the Swedish Lapplandsfjällen by air rescue services with support from Hovedredningssentralen in Norway.

Two crew members, a 42-year-old captain and 34-year-old first officer, were onboard the aircraft when it crashed.

The 1993 built Bombardier aircraft has been operated by West Atlantic Sweden since 2007 and during this time has flown 10,000 hours.