COSH and carry: US patent for cargo airships

12 / 05 / 2015

A newly awarded US patent for Control-of-Static-Heaviness (COSH) in airship flight systems has been welcomed by the sector's technology pioneer, Worldwide Aeros Corp (Aeros).

Aeros said that COSH technology overcomes a “historical limitation” of airships regarding their need for external ballast, and now permits the aircraft type to “engage in a broad set of new missions including long-range, heavy-lift cargo transport”.

Igor Pasternak, COSH inventor and chief executive at Aeros, said: “Large capacity airships have long been a dream for cargo logistics flexibility, but impracticable, because if you off-loaded 100 tons your helium filled aircraft will float away if not first loaded with 100 tons of ballast at your pre-determined destination. Inefficient and limiting, this is why airships never transitioned into cargo airships.

“This patent will permit only Aeros and our partners to leverage the empowerment of true vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) in global heavy airlift, and the independence from off-board ballast and ground infrastructure this capability provides.”

Aeros said that transport airships are “poised to dramatically increase heavy cargo lift capability and destination alternatives, while reducing the current cost of air delivery on a ton/mile basis.”

Adding: “Further, they’ll significantly reduce fuel consumption for aircraft operations, permit new heavy load operations in remote areas, and radically alter the hub and spoke distribution structure to one of direct and flexible air delivery.”