WFS calls in Allot to fix IT network congestion

20 / 10 / 2017

When the Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) team in France complained about slow response times from the ground handler’s cargo applications it called in Israel-based Allot Communications to find and fix the problem.

Something was clogging up the WFS IT network and degrading performance. While WFS tried many ways to accelerate application performance, the incumbent technology provider was unable to find the root cause of the recurring congestion and resolve it.

Allot was called in by system integrator RSM Consulting and solutions distributor Miel to identify and resolve the IT system congestion.

Said Allot in its WFS case study: “On the WAN, a full 33% of the traffic was generated by remote endpoints synchronizing MS Windows and Office 365 files. Moreover, a quick drill down also pinpointed an old XP workstation not optimized for Office 365 downloads.

“Microsoft SMB File Sharing and desktop anti-virus updates were consuming valuable WAN bandwidth. VPN applications were being used to bypass the local proxy and hide recreational Internet activity.”

Toufik Ouanaïm, IT France Manager at WFS said: “When we looked at our network traffic through Allot’s visibility dashboards, it was eye-opening.

“For the first time ever, we got a truly accurate view of application and user behaviour on our LAN, WAN and Internet links.”

Ouanaïm  added: “With Allot application visibility and policy control, we provide more granularity on the network side and then give more efficiency to our security and more priority to our operations customers.”

Ronen Priel, vice president of product management and marketing at Allot said “The increased complexity of enterprise networks and need for support of multitude of connected devices and device types present an increased challenge when it comes to managing the network.

“In addition, organizations face a rise in the magnitude and sophistications of cyber-attacks.

“It is critical for businesses to have granular network visibility and intelligence so they can quickly identify and fix problems before they impact productivity and service quality.”