New Peli president looks to grow BioThermal business

10 / 04 / 2017

New Pelican Products group president Phil Gyori will target growth in the company’s BioThermal temperature controlled packaging division.

Gyori was appointed to the role late last year and will report into chief executive Lyndon Faulkner, while leading all Pelican divisions – commercial/government; consumer; and Pelican BioThermal/Peli Bio Thermal.

Prior to joining Pelican Products, he spent 16 years at Bushnell, a sports optics and outdoor products firm, and has also held leadership positions at Nike, Quaker Oats and Proctor & Gamble.

His Pelican plans include building on the company’s success and growing specific sectors including its BioThermal division, which provides passive packing products to the air cargo industry.

Gyori said that his initial months at the company were spent understanding the business and the products it offers and also visiting the firm’s various offices and facilities to meet customers.

“I’ve been soaking it all in and trying to get up the learning curve as fast as possible,” he said.

“It was very fortunate I was able to start prior to a couple of our major trade shows and global sales conference, which gave me a great chance to meet a lot of folks and get exposed to much of the business.

“I’ve been involved with the evolution of divisionalisation and ensuring effective collaboration between the different groups

“Developing and implementing a channel management strategy in the commercial and consumer spaces, involved a system-wide pricing evaluation and re-engineering our pricing model and channel rules.

“As well as spearheading an innovation exploratory to determine how to make Pelican more relevant and to discover white space opportunities for us to explore.”

The main objectives for the company this year are delivering on its promise and plan to shareholders, delivering short-term targets, planning for the longer term and simplifying processes.

Looking at the BioThermal area of the business, Gyori is optimistic: ““It has a great track record over the last few years and I am convinced we have only begun to scratch the surface.

“Pelican BioThermal currently makes up less than 15% of total Pelican revenue but I can easily see this growing to 20-25% in just a few years.”

The company is hoping to expand its services and solutions; add new customers and new markets – such as food delivery – and develop innovative business-to-business marketing and lead generation.

To oversee the latest developments in the BioThermal division, including the introduction of new passive pallet shipper - Crēdo Cargo - utilised within the pharma air cargo sector, Gyori recently visited the group’s Peli BioThermal European HQ in Bedfordshire in the UK.

“It’s fantastic, so impressive and it’s exciting to be a part of it. It’s great to see the A to Z of solutions we offer, everything from relatively basic water based coolants to our new passive pallet shipper Crēdo Cargo, which is just fantastic,” he said.

“It was important to meet the team but also there is no substitute for seeing everything first hand. You can read about it but seeing it in context is different.”