09 / 05 / 2017

A firm that calls itself ‘The Boring Company’ has been dubbed “amazing and impossible” by commentators – at least according to their own publicity. Elon Musk is convinced he has the answer to the constant gridlock that grips cities like Los Angeles - an underground transport system.

But, according to a brief concept video on YouTube, these are no ordinary tunnels. An  elevator lowers vehicles underground to a network where cars are transported at high speeds on platforms between destinations – doing away with traffic and associated collisions, the company argues.

As John McGuire, chief innovation officer at engineering and infrastructure advisory company Aurecon, says: “Science fact was once science fiction. If we’re going to help design the future of transport, we have to be able to envision it.”

Metal platforms rapidly whisking commuters rapidly below the city streets? Hasn’t that concept existed since about 1863, when the first underground railway in London was built? Admittedly, you can’t bring your Range Rover with you on the London Underground, though I believe folding bicycles are tolerated.