Airline and pilot groups eager to work with Trump on modernising US aviation infrastructure

Airlines for America (A4A) and the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) have welcomed Donald Trump as US President-elect and said urged him to follow through on campaign pledges to modernise infrastructure.
Trump, in his acceptance speech and during his campaign, put forward a $1trn plan to improve infrastructure as part of a first 100 days priority, recognising it as a growth engine for creating high-paying, skilled jobs.
“We look forward to working with the Transition Team on strengthening our infrastructure in the sky to meet the nation’s growing demands on the ground,” said Nicholas Calio president and chief executive of A4A, the industry trade organisation for leading US airlines 
“The current US Air Traffic Control (ATC) system, while safe, is an inefficient relic of the 1940s. We’re eager to work with President-Elect Trump to transform it to reduce delays for the 2.2m passengers and 50,000 tons of cargo that fly every day, while accommodating future growth and demand for travel and shipping.”
The US airline industry supports 10m jobs and drives 5% of the total US economy each day. It connects people and goods to the global economy in a way no other industry can.
“Our ability to create more jobs and help fuel economic growth is possible only if we’re operating within a National Airspace (NAS) infrastructure that is designed for the future,” Calio said. 
“Our vision for a modernised NAS includes reforming the ATC system so that politics don’t impede hiring and training more air traffic controllers and equipping our facilities with technology used by more than 50 countries around the world.
"We want to see a reliable ATC funding model – funded by the system users, not political gamesmanship – so that we can plan for the long-term capital improvements the system needs to grow.”
ALPA also urged the President elect to oppose Norwegian Air’s foreign air carrier permit application.
The group said: "As the world’s largest non-governmental aviation safety organisation, ALPA stands ready to work with President-elect Trump and the newly elected Congress on continuing our country’s important efforts to advance our profession, as well as our industry.

“During his campaign, President-elect Trump underscored the need for airport and transportation infrastructure projects. ALPA agrees that aviation infrastructure must be a federal priority and will partner with the new Administration and Congress on moving forward on improvements that will help to ensure safe, secure, and efficient air transportation of passengers and cargo each day.
“ALPA recognises the commitment of President-elect Trump to a trade agenda that promotes the United States.  ALPA remains committed to working with current and newly elected officials on collaborative efforts to call for the enforcement of US air transport agreements and fair competition for US airlines and their workers by opposing Norwegian Air International’s foreign air carrier permit application.”

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