Antonov Airlines carries lengthy aircraft parts from Brazil to Miami

By Rachelle Harry

Antonov Airlines recently collaborated with DB Schenker to transport aircraft parts from Viracopos, Brazil to Miami, US.

One of the carrier’s AN-124-100 aircraft was used for the operation.

The special cargo — which included 15 m long wing sections and two sections of fuselage measuring 12 m long — was dismantled into consignments and placed into six wooden crates before being loaded onto the aircraft with special equipment designed and manufactured by Antonov Airlines.

The companies said they only had a week to plan and carry out the task, but it was successful nonetheless.

Ivan Bozhko, commercial executive at Antonov Airlines, commented: “Thanks to the expertise of our in-house engineers, strong communication channels with the customer, and the flexibility of both parties on the solutions for cargo transportation, Antonov Airlines was able to plan and deliver this cargo within the tight deadline to the highest safety standards.”

Alvaro Zanella, airfreight business development and operations manager at DB Schenker, added: “It was a really challenging operation due to cargo size and delicacy itself, as well as the short amount of time we had from receiving the demand to accomplishing its required necessity.

“But thanks to the exceptional DB Schenker airfreight team along with the expertise of Antonov Airlines’ professionals, we were able to deliver such a reliable and successful service to the final customer.”

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