Atran and AirBridgeCargo move engines from Russia to France

By Rachelle Harry

Atran airlines and AirBirdgeCargo (ABC), both part of Volga-Dnepr Group, have transported aircraft engines from Yakutsk, Russia, to Paris, France.

The carriers said the task of transporting the two PW123 Pratt & Whitney engines for Bombardier Q-300 aircraft — weighing a total of 1,520kg — was “complex” and demonstrated its Cargo Supermarket concept where the services of more than one carrier in the group are utilised.

The operation across two carriers in the group covered specialist loading control at Yakutsk airport, export customs clearance at Krasnoyarsk airport, documentation processing, coordination of all the departments and constant communication with the customer.

The carriers said the planning and delivery of the engines took a total of four days.

The specialised cargo was carried on one of Atran’s Boeing 737-800BCF from Yakutsk to Krasnoyarsk, before being loaded onto one of ABC’s Boeing 747-8F aircraft and flown to Paris via Amsterdam.

Vitaliy Andreev, general director at Atran’s, commented: “Based on our unique expertise in engines’ transportations, qualified specialists, an extensive database with all the tech specifications and delivery requirements not only do we provide time and safe delivery but also complex logistics solution for our customers. Cargo Supermarket Concept allows for smooth coordination of all the organizational issues though one-stop-shop thus simplifying the process and making it more transparent.”

Nikolay Glushnev, general director at ABC, added: “We understand the whole extent of responsibility when it comes to engine transportation which every time is organised in line with the industry and airlines’ standards, OEM guidelines and IATA DGR [dangerous goods regulations] if needed.

“For the last four years, we have delivered over 3,000 engines across the globe supporting our customers even during the pandemic under new biosafety rules.

“We will keep on developing our solutions in this sector, including through a partnership with other carriers of Volga-Dnepr Group.”

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