Delta invests in tech and infrastructure after table topping performance

Delta Cargo has revealed its latest investment priorities after topping the North American carrier table for on-time airport-to-airport delivery times.
The airline said, based on Cargo iQ stats, that over the last 12 months, it has had the highest average percentage for airport-to-airport NFD – a measure of on-time freight and document availability at destination – of any North American carrier, with a score of 81.3%.
Delta Cargo managing director cargo operations and customer experience Julian Soell said: “Operational reliability of end-to-end delivery that matches Delta’s world class on time performance metrics, is a key priority.
“It is important for our customers to have service predictability and these metrics show that the actions we are taking are moving the needle on delivery time and performance ensuring reliable freight delivery across our global network.”
The carrier added that it is investing in technology systems and infrastructure development as part of a focus on operational reliability.
At its Atlanta warehouse, it has made process, layout and structural changes in the main facility to improve efficiency and cargo processing.
At the New York-JFK warehouse the addition of nearly 30,000 sq ft of warehouse space will aid in the upcoming warehouse redesign and improve the operation’s flow and efficiency − Delta, Aeromexico and Virgin Atlantic Cargo operate together in JFK, under “One Roof”, with designated dock doors.
Delta and KLM have moved to a “One-Roof” warehouse in Salt Lake City and have installed a new X-Ray machine allowing full skid X-raying.
It will also roll out RFID tracking technology on cargo shipments across the system in 2018 and in the summer, a new Delta Cargo website and new Cargo Control Center will be launched.
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