LOT Polish Airlines in pharma focus for Central and Eastern Europe

LOT Polish Airlines is on course to achieve its IATA’s CEIV Pharma certification by October this year and in a separate development has already adopted the airline association’s Dangerous Goods AutoCheck (DG Autocheck).

LOT cargo director Michał Grochowski said: “As a result, and thanks to its modern fleet and growing flight network, LOT is reinforcing its commitment to being a leader in the transport of air cargo in Central and Eastern Europe.”

“Both solutions express our ambition to deliver the most innovative, efficient and the most beneficial offer to our clients.

He added: “We are eager to develop in directions set by Polish pharmaceutical market. Embarking on certification proves that we respond to market needs and our clients’ demand.

“We are catching up on previous years when LOT Cargo development was not drive in such specialised areas.”

After achieving CEIV Pharma certification, LOT Cargo intends to transport goods such as insulin, Poland is a major producer, vaccines and antibiotics. LOT Cargo is also planning to start transporting pharma products for veterinary use.

In 2018, LOT Polish Airlines carried over 50,000 tons of cargo and mail, a 20% increase compared with 2017, and the best result in the carrier’s 90-year history.

LOT cargo director, Michał Grochowski.
Photo: Marcin Kmiercinski

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