SAS Cargo and Unilode launch digitalisation programme

Unilode will begin digitalising SAS Cargo’s container fleet in the next few months as part of its digital transformation programme, which enables ULD tracking and the measurement of temperature, humidity, light and shock in air freight shipments.

The two companies began working together in 2011 with the conversion of SAS Cargo’s ULD fleet to lightweight containers, and this project enables SAS Cargo to take the next step in fulfilling its digital ambitions.

Leif Rasmussen, SAS Cargo group president and CEO, said: “Unilode’s digital transformation programme supports SAS Cargo’s digital initiatives by providing a customer-centric approach and offering value-added services to SAS Cargo’s customers.

“The digitisation of our ULD fleet will bring SAS Cargo to the next level of supply chain excellence and we look forward to expanding our collaboration with Unilode.”

Benoît Dumont, Unilode CEO, said: “The aviation industry is embracing digitalisation in the supply chain to optimise operations, enhance visibility and give more insights to the customers.

“We are pleased that we can accelerate SAS Cargo’s digital ambitions with the digitalisation of the ULD operations, which we have been managing for eight years.”

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