cargo-partner fine-tunes orchestra shipments

Logistics company cargo-partner ensured that all the instruments and equipment were delivered on-time and in prime condition for an Austrian symphonic orchestra’s tour of Japan.
This was especially challenging since the return transport had to be prepared before the final concert tour route was fully decided and there was a very tight deadline to get the instruments back to Vienna for a concert there.
Despite multiple changes in the schedule, cargo-partner was able to handle the task by securing the necessary cargo space with several airlines well in advance.
Cargo-partner’s staff in Vienna took care of packaging the shock- and pressure-sensitive and, in some cases, highly valuable instruments, handling and screening the shipment and obtaining Carnet ATA clearance – temporary import, export and transit documentation.

The 17 day tour included almost daily concerts in various Japanese cities, including Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo.
In total, the shipment consisted of 63 packing units of various shapes and sizes with a total weight of 7,679 kg and a shipment volume of 46 cu m. To ensure security and optimal handling, cargo-partner’s airfreight specialists used five PMC containers and one AKE container to bring the goods safely to their destination.

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