DHL set to build new cargo-handling facility at Riga Airport

By Rachelle Harry

Warehouse supervisors can use real-time operational data to make informed decisions to reduce congestion, improve resource planning and allocate workload

DHL Latvia is planning to build a new shipment processing and logistics centre at Riga Airport.

On November 6, DHL Latvia and real estate development company Castor Construction signed contracts with the airport and agreed to build the new facility within a year.

According to the agreement, the new DHL shipment processing and logistics centre will cover an area of 4,500 sq m.

The new facility will enable efficient shipment handling, thus ensuring faster and more convenient delivery of shipments to customers. It will also feature energy-efficient solutions, reflecting DHL’s efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions.

In addition to the new DHL facility, Riga Airport is adding a new apron that will allow it do double its cargo-handing capabilities, which will in turn make it a more attractive airport to air cargo carriers all over the world.

Ilona Līce, Riga Airport chairman of the board, commented: “The new DHL cargo logistics centre will ensure a stable, long-term air cargo flow at Riga Airport.

“The Airport’s main aim is to provide appropriate infrastructure and a favourable platform for cooperation that will facilitate the entry of new cargo carriers and increase air cargo turnover.”

Krists Ezeriņš, operations director at DHL Latvia, added: “E-commercialisation of the economy and logistics are interlinked and we take this into account when investing in an automated sorting line that will optimize and speed up the cargo-sorting process.

“The agreement with the investor for the lease of the terminal has been concluded for a period of 10 years, with an option to extend it to 15-20 year,” he concluded.

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