Emirates SkyCargo targets perishables market with new product launches

Emirates SkyCargo has added extra perishables solutions as part of its new SkyFresh product.
The cargo carrier said its SkyFresh product brings together the cool chain infrastructure at its Dubai hub, its wide-bodied aircraft including freighters, and a range of innovative cool chain solutions.
This includes its new 16-tonne capacity ventilated cool dolly, which helps ensure that perishables maintain their freshness during the entire air transportation process.
"The Ventilated Cool Dolly not only maintains a constant temperature while transporting cargo, but also has a ventilation system that allows it to bring in fresh air from outside," the airline said.
"The fresh air is then cleaned using custom built filters, cooled and then circulated inside the refrigerated interior where the temperature sensitive perishable cargo is stored."
One of the major challenges faced by air cargo for the transport of perishables and other temperature sensitive products is how to keep them at the right temperature while they are on the tarmac being loaded onto aircraft.
Others, including Etihad and Brussels, have also launched cool dolly products, although these have tended to target the pharma market.
The overall Emirates SkyFresh offering will feature three levels – Emirates SkyFresh, Emirates SkyFresh Breathe and Emirates SkyFresh Active – each offering varied levels of cool chain protection for different kinds of perishables.
The basic solution, Emirates SkyFresh, is geared towards temperature tolerant fruits and vegetables and will offer quick ramp transportation and thermal protection through Emirates SkyCargo’s White Cover blanket.
Emirates SkyFresh Breathe provides protection for temperature sensitive perishables such as fresh cut flowers, ready to sell cut fruits and vegetables and fresh fish. Unique features will include prioritised ground handling as well as the use of the Emirates SkyFresh Ventilated Cool Dolly.
Emirates SkyFresh Active will offer the highest protection for perishables that cannot withstand any temperature deviation using specialised temperature controlled containers during transportation.
The company said that the transport of  perishables is an important part of its business.
"People all over the world are increasingly aware and interested in culinary flavours and produce from different countries and regions," Emirates SkyCargo said.
"In line with this trend, the catering and hospitality industry globally has also been offering more international dining choices to customers. More and more perishables from different parts of the world are shipped by air to ensure that the products arrive fresh and within a short span of time at the destination."
In 2016, Emirates SkyCargo transported close to 400,000 tonnes of perishables. This included salmon from Norway, strawberries from California, flowers from Ecuador, meat from Australia, mangoes from the Indian subcontinent, wine and cheese from France.

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