ABC sticks with Unilode

Russian all-cargo carrier AirBridgeCargo Airlines has extended its ULD management agreement with Unilode until mid-2023.
The partnership dates back to 2004 and involves over 10,000 ULDs.
Sergey Lazarev, AirBridgeCargo general director, said: “AirBridgeCargo is pleased to continue its long-term partnership with Unilode that has developed an intimate understanding of our requirements during our 14 years of cooperation and has continuously invested in its ULD fleet to support our airline’s growth since the beginning of our operations.”
Unilode chief executive Benoît Dumont said: “We are committed to expand our ULD repair and management network, and invest in relevant technology, equipment and digitalisation including ULD tracking solutions to help AirBridgeCargo achieve its ambitious growth plans and continue to deliver excellent service to its customers.”
Unilode recently announced that it intends to implement a ULD tracking system in cooperation with OnAsset Intelligence and a leading ULD manufacturer.

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