Air Partner in South Sudan aid effort


The freight division Air Partner recently helped transport more than 400 tonnes of aid to South Sudan on behalf of a humanitarian organisation.

Over the course of three weeks, Air Partner chartered a total of 18 flights from the US to Juba, via Entebbe in Uganda, to transport more than 400 large pallets of non-perishable food.

Eight of these flights were operated on Boeing 747s and ten on Ilyushin IL-76s.

Jack Burt, vice president of Air Partner’s US cargo division, said: “Air Partner is committed to providing relief in times of crisis. In order to ensure that every aspect of this project was as seamless as possible, members of our Freight team were stationed on the ground at Entebbe airport to provide expert supervision. With the current prolonged conflict and economic instability in South Sudan, we are fortunate to be able to help deliver such an important commodity that can have a direct impact on the people of the region.”

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