Alaska Airlines adds freight to its loyalty programme

Alaska Airlines has added a new freight benefit for members of its Club 49 loyalty programme that will give members a discount when shipping cargo.
The new perk,  dubbed "Freight for Less," enables members to save up to 90% when shipping cargo intra-state.
When travelling within the state of Alaska, Club 49 members can book up to 100 pounds of freight through Alaska Air Cargo for a flat rate of $10.
Additionally, the airline is adding an every day cargo benefit, where members can ship up to 100 pounds of cargo to 17 Alaska communities for a flat rate of $40.
"We know that air travel and freight are a way of life in our great state, especially in rural Alaska," said Marilyn Romano, Alaska Airlines’ regional vice president.
"By adding Freight for Less to our lineup of Club 49 benefits, Alaskans can save money when they travel with or ship their gear and their groceries all on Alaska Airlines."
Individual shipments dropped off at Alaska Air Cargo within 24 hours of arrival or departure are eligible for the discounted rate.
Club 49 was launched in 2011 to supplement the award-winning Alaska Mileage Plan by providing exclusive benefits to residents of Alaska.
The programme comes as the airline introduced its first converted Boeing 737-700 freighter to its fleet in September, the first aircraft of its kind in the world.
Introduction of the converted freighters will lead to the retirement of the carrier’s unique fleet of 737-400 combi aircraft by 18 October.
Alaska will take delivery of two more converted 737-700 freighters, boosting the total cargo capacity of its fleet by around 15%. Though smaller in size, the 737-700 freighter can carry 10,000 more pounds of cargo per plane than the existing 737-400.
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