An-124 takes Siemens rotor for a spin

One of Volga-Dnepr’s An-124-100 freighters moved a 50-ton rotor from Germany to Mumbai, India, for engineering and technology firm Siemens.
The air carrier’s Engineering and Logistics Centre (ELC) assessed and approved a specially-designed transport skid to get the piece from Siemens’ manufacturing plant in Muelheim, Germany, to Leipzig/Halle Airport, taking care of all the arrangements for trucking, including obtaining special road permits.
The charter flight to India was contracted under the Ruslan International An-124 joint venture.
ELC project manager Steve Downing said: “Siemens was able to call upon our 25 years of engineering and logistics expertise to achieve a seamless delivery from Germany to the operating site in Mumbai. This shipment is a good example of why we created ELC to help customers with their most complex transportation challenges.”

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