Asia Pacific Airlines to expand fleet with B757 conversion

Asia Pacific Airlines has acquired a Boeing 757-200 for conversion by Precision Aircraft Solutions.
The aircraft (MSN 25140) conversion will be carried out by Precision partner Flightstar Aviation in Florida, with re-delivery expected in 120 days.
The aircraft will join Asia Pacific’s two other B757-PCF and operate in the Asia Pacific region.
Precision vice president of sales and marketing Brian McCarthy said: “Asia Pacific’s transition from 727 operations to the 757 has been remarkable and has given them significant range and reach with the necessary performance, flexibility and fuel savings to operate in this demanding environment. This has transformed their route structure as a direct result of the added payload and range."
“We are thrilled to have a third PCF aircraft joining our fleet as the demand for our service expands. The 757 performs extremely well under the demanding route structure of Pacific Theatre operations requiring long range and high payload,” said Asia Pacific Airlines president, Adam Ferguson.
The airline also operates a single B727-200F.