Boeing and FedEx Express test green technologies on B777F

Boeing and FedEx Express will use a new B777 freighter to test emerging technologies, such as propulsion advancements and flight deck innovations.
The ecoDemonstrator program, now in its fifth phase, serves as a series of flying testbeds designed to improve the environmental performance and safety of future airplanes.
"The ecoDemonstrator program is focused on harvesting exciting new technologies that will benefit our airline customers, the flying public and the environment," said Mike Sinnett, vice president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Product Development.
The collaboration on the newest ecoDemonstrator project is the latest in a 38-year relationship between Boeing and FedEx.
"FedEx is committed to developing and implementing innovative solutions that connect the world responsibly and resourcefully," said David Cunningham, president and chief executive of, FedEx Express, adding: "We’re proud to work with Boeing and use our 777 Freighter to play a key role in bringing future benefits to the entire aviation industry."
This round of ecoDemonstrator testing includes installing a compact thrust reverser developed by Boeing to save fuel, flight deck improvements that can improve efficient operations in and out of busy airports, and flying prototype airplane parts using manufacturing techniques that reduce material waste.
Flight testing in 2018 is scheduled to last approximately three months before the airplane returns to the FedEx fleet.

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