CAL targets high value artwork

CAL Cargo Airlines has launched Cal Val for artwork and valuable cargo, aimed at private art collectors, museum curators and auction houses, plus specialist freight divisions dealing with valuable cargo.
Israeli-owned CAL, with a European hub at Liege airport, provides a dedicated escort to monitor valuable cargo around the clock, and a personal escort may board the flight. CAL also cooperates with secured transportation providers to provide armoured road feeder services.
"Our slogan is challenge accepted and our entire operation is built to service this kind of non-standard cargo," said Eyal Zagagi,chief executive of CAL Cargo.
He continued: "We have years of experience dealing with these type of shipments and vast experience with delicate and precious artwork. We see growth in demand for this service both on our transatlantic operation and between Tel Aviv and the European Union which led us to formulate our new product.
“Cal Val complements the rest of our product portfolio, including specialty products for live animals, dangerous goods, pharma and perishable items, and other oversize and overweight cargo."
Valuable cargo commonly includes jewels, cash, medical equipment, bank documentation, high couture fashion, but mostly precious artwork.
Cal Val uses real time tracking and reporting techniques, SMS updates on cargo location, GPS tracking device attached to goods, along with a checklist and SOP subject to product. 

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