Cargolux buoyed by windfarm cargo

Cargolux has flown two shipments of outsized and highly sensitive German-made measuring buoys from Luxembourg to Xiamen in China.
The flights were made in conjunction with Globaltrans Internationale Logistik and saw the two high-tech buoys with a length of 8.10 meters, a diameter of 2.55 meters and a weight of around 5,800 kg each flown to offshore wind farms Zhangpu and Changle off the coast of China’s Fujian province.
The buoys were transported by Globaltrans with special trailers from Bremerhaven in Germany to Luxembourg Airport and flown on board of two Cargolux 747 freighters.
After special customs clearance both buoys were on-forwarded by specialized trucks to their final destination Fuzhou.
Globaltrans Germany chief executive Kay Uwe Gretsch said: “To ensure safest transportation, the weight and complex dimensions of the buoys, with its very sensible electronic equipment, required the design and manufacture of special transport frames.
“In addition we were challenged by a very time sensitive shipment, not allowing us any complications or delays."
The buoys were designed by the German Fraunhofer Institut and will measure the wind speed in the designated locations up to a height of 200 meters from their position on the sea surface to allow precise calculation of the wind farms’ electricity yield.

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