Cathay Pacific Cargo partners with va-Q-tec for thermal containers

Cathay Pacific Cargo has partnered with va-Q-tec to use its advanced passive thermal containers which are designed to maintain a constant temperature during transportation for more than five days.
Cathay Pacific’s general manager cargo service delivery, Frosti Lau, said: “These advanced passive thermal containers can offer steady temperature-controlled conditions for several days without requiring external energy sources. Coupled with Cathay Pacific Cargo’s extensive network, we are confident the containers will benefit our customers around the world.”
In Sook Yoo, head of business development Asia at va-Q-tec, said: "The pharmaceutical market is growing rapidly worldwide. Thanks to the new collaboration, innumerable customers can lease va-Q-tec’s reliable containers directly from Cathay Pacific Cargo.”
The thermal containers are available in five different sizes, taking up to two US pallets inside, and in six different temperature ranges, from -60°C to +25°C. They guarantee safe temperature-controlled transportation for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical sectors.
Will Staddon, global partner manager at va-Q-tec UK, said: "Va-Q-tec is expanding across the globe and is also significantly strengthening its presence in Asia Pacific,” he added.
Va-Q-tec has established subsidiaries in South Korea and Japan, among other countries and operates several container network stations.
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