CHEP to provide ULDs to support CargoLogicAir’s “ambitious growth plans”

CargoLogicAir (CLA), the new British-registered cargo airline, has signed a ULD management agreement with CHEP Aerospace Solutions, the global provider of outsourced ULD pooling and repair.  
A joint statement said: “In view of CargoLogicAir’s ambitious growth plans, the new agreement caters for a significant increase in the number of ULDs provided and network stations covered within the next few years.”
On March 28, CLA applied to the US Department of Transportation for a foreign air carrier permit and related exemption that would enable it to provide foreign air transportation of property and mail between the US and the European Community and the member states of the European Union.
CLA’s director of ground operations, Gary Lewis, said: "As a new carrier with plans to become one of Europe’s leading cargo airlines, we need a trusted ULD partner that can ensure both product and service quality to enable us to meet our customers’ expectations and focus on growing our business.
“We are confident that in CHEP we have chosen a partner that can meet all of our expectations."  
CHEP Aerospace Solutions president, Ludwig Bertsch, said: "We believe CargoLogicAir has a very bright future and with customer satisfaction, high quality of service and sustainable growth at the top of their agenda, they align perfectly with our own business philosophy.
"We are pleased to be able to support this ambitious new airline and look forward to a long and growing business relationship."

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