LATAM to open new cool facility at Guarulhos

LATAM Cargo Brazil has started the construction of a cooler facility at Guarulhos (Brazil) to offer more capacity for “the increasing perishable volumes being exported from Latin America”.
The new centre, due to ready in time for the 2019 peak season, will measure 1,600 sq m, of which 50% of the space will be cooled.
More than 45% of LATAM Cargo’s volumes are perishable shipments and currently 14% of these shipments – more than 24,000 tons – transit through Guarulhos. Salmon, fruit and asparagus are the most transported perishables.
The facility will include two areas: one storage cooler of 485 sq m set at 0-2 degrees Celsius and the second will measure 340 sq m offering temperatures of 2-12 degrees Celsius for storage and re-palletizing purposes.
Also, the system has the capacity to increase the temperature in any of its coolers up to 25 degrees Celsius in case there is a specific perishable that request a different temperature range.
The new facility means LATAM Cargo will be able to store 33% more perishable cargo compared with its existing facility at the airport.
“Through the use of these coolers, LATAM Cargo will be able to fulfill all needs of the main perishable products exported by the region: salmon, asparagus, mango, cherries, berries, southern hake and flowers, which individually have the need to be stored at different temperature ranges,” the airline said.
LATAM Cargo chief executive Andrés Bianchi said: “Building a new cooler facility focused on connecting perishable traffic in our main hub enables us to boost our strategic position.
“We can now offer our perishable customers a growing number of origin-destination pairs while maintaining the high quality standards associated with our value proposition. Furthermore, the increased flexibility gained with this facility enables us to work on a more efficient fashion.”

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