Lufthansa – Decision on B777F option this year

The B777F was the best – virtually the only – aircraft for Lufthansa’s needs, says Lufthansa Cargo chief executive Peter Gerber, writes Chris Lewis.
While the B747-8 suited carriers with long over-water stretches such as Cathay Pacific, for carriers such as Lufthansa for whom range was not an absolute priority, it was currently the only suitable new aircraft, although in time a freighter version of the A350 might be of interest.
The new B777Fs had contributed to a €35m reduction in operating costs and this is expected to continue into 2015, with a further reduction of €5m-€6m or so.
A total of five B777Fs are on firm order and Lufthansa has options on a further five. A decision on whether to proceed with the first of the options would be made by September 2015, said Gerber.
Meanwhile, a decision on what to do with two currently grounded MD11Fs would be made by the end of March, Gerber told the press conference.

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