MASkargo signs up for new tracking solution

MASkargo has announced it will work with TWC, CORE Transport Technologies and Nordisk Aviation Products to implement a tracking solution for its containers and pallets.

Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh, MAS Kargo chief executive officer, said: “MASkargo is happy to be part of this cooperation with leaders of the industry implementing the latest technology in tracking our equipment.

“Real-time ULD tracking information will enable MASkargo to more accurately monitor and replan shipments that are delayed due to irregular operations, such as extreme weather events. This will enable customers to have end-to-end tracking of the ULDs starting in their own warehouses throughout the journey to the final destination.”

Under this development, MASkargo will use the COREInsight tracking solution for its containers and pallets supplied by Nordisk. TWC is the local partner appointed by CORE to implement the tag and reader tracking solution and also the developer of the ULD management software associated with the technology.