MASKargo targets halal shipments

Japan-bound Halal frozen food being loaded in specially labelled ULD

MASkargo is targeting the halal food market after receiving the halal certification from the Malaysian Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM).

Ibrahim Mohamed Salleh MASkargo’s chief executive said: “The global halal market is right now worth close to $2trn  per annum. I am happy to share that MASkargo is now part of the halal logistics chain; ready and capable of tapping the market.

“Jointly with JAKIM, the regulator, all the processes are reviewed and amended in order to meet the strict requirements of maintaining Halal integrity. Additional facilities were also added to cater to the need of maintaining segregation and separation between Halal and non-Halal shipments. We are most probably the first Cargo Terminal Operator in the world to be classified as a Halal cargo handler from a globally recognised and renowned Islamic Affairs Regulator for Halal products.”

Following the certification, MASkargo shipped 720kgs of frozen food to Japan under its Halal Logistics service. Flight MH 088 left Kuala Lumpur at 23:30hrs June 24 and arrived at Narita International Airport at 07:40hrs the next morning. The shipment was booked by Nippon Express.

Commenting on the shipment, Roslan Osman, the general manager of Nippon Express Halal Logistic Division, said: “The reality of an integrated halal supply chain is made possible by such collaboration between stakeholders in the halal ecosystem. A halal certification makes exporting products to Muslim markets much easier.”

Last week, the airline revealed that it hoped to capitalise on new regulations covering the transport of Durian fruit.

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