NCA goes fully digital with iCargo

Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA), the launch customer of IBS Software’s iCargo airline cargo management solution back in 2008, has upgraded to the latest version of the product – fully digitalising the Tokyo-based carrier’s business processes.

Keita Sataka, senior executive managing director at NCA, said: “Technology today is far [more] advanced than what it used to be 10 years ago. Today, technology is so intricately [woven] into our business fabric that it is all the more important that we choose the right technology partners to support our business with their business solutions.”

Ashok Rajan, head of cargo and logistics solutions at IBS Software, said: “The iCargo go-live following the implementation of the latest version of iCargo at NCA is a significant milestone for IBS and the Cargo & Logistics line of business.

“NCA’s upgrade to the latest version of the iCargo product reiterates the trust that NCA have placed on the capability of the product and IBS,” Rajan added.