Turkish gains Authorized Economic Operator status

Turkish Cargo has obtain an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate, issued by the World Customs Organization (WCO), which enables companies to engage more rapidly and reliably in international trade.
Turkish Cargo is the first air cargo carrier to take advantage of the AEO certificate across Turkey. The AEO certificate was issued after extensive consultations between Turkey’s Ministry of Trade and the WCO.
A spokesman for the airline’s cargo division said: "The Authorized Economic Operator Certificate is highly important to ensure rapid and reliable deliveries in the global trade chain.
"The entities, entitled to obtain the certificate, fulfills many requirements, prescribed under the applicable customs regulations, by means of the simplified methods. Achieving to add this new competence to the existing ones, Turkish Cargo aims to enhance its successful performance, demonstrated in the recent years, even further."
Among the benefits of AEO certification cited by Turkish Cargo will be its ability to take advantage of rapid shipment in the countries covered under the agreement while reducing its costs.
It will also "eliminate loss of time and labor thanks to on-site customs clearance procedures" and also speed up the processes necessary to venture into new markets.

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