Video: Amazon One, ready for take-off

Amazon has unveiled ‘Amazon One’ its first ever branded freighter, a Boeing 767-300F operated by US-based lessor Atlas Air. (Click on video below).
The converted freighter, bearing the Prime Air livery, will take flight this weekend at Seafair’s Air Show, an annual community celebration taking place in Amazon’s hometown of Seattle.
Dave Clark, Amazon’s senior vice president of worldwide operation, said: "Creating an air transportation network is expanding our capacity to ensure great delivery speeds for our Prime members for years to come.
"I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate the inaugural flight than in our hometown at Seafair alongside Amazon employees and Seattle residents."
It was also revealed that Scott Ruffin was appointed as director of Amazon Air in September last year.
Before that appointment Ruffin was director of planning and innovation, transportation by Amazon from September 2013 and has previously worked in supply chain roles at jewellery firm Signet and manufacturer Saint-Gobain.
Amazon One is one of 40 that Amazon has agreed to lease through air cargo partners Atlas Air and ATSG. There are currently 11 dedicated airplanes flying for Amazon as of today with additional airplanes rolling out over time.
Said the internet retailer: “In an ode to its Prime members, Amazon’s first airplane in its dedicated fleet features a tail number made up of a Prime number.”
In a blog, Clark added: "I’ve had the great pleasure to be on our operations teams for more than 17 years with a ringside seat to Amazon’s culture of innovating on behalf of customers. For much of that time our operations teams have been focused on our fulfillment centers and core supply chain processes, creating the capabilities required to enable the world’s largest selection with fast free shipping for Prime members.
"Now, we see the same opportunity to innovate in transportation. I’m very excited to introduce Amazon One, a Boeing 767-300 that is our first ever Amazon branded plane which will serve customers by adding capacity to support one and two day package delivery in the US.
"Adding capacity for Prime members by developing a dedicated air cargo network ensures there is enough available capacity to provide customers with great selection, low prices and incredible shipping speeds for years to come. Over the next couple of years, we’ll roll out 40 planes just like this one.
"We couldn’t think of a better place to unveil Amazon One than in our own backyard at Seattle’s most iconic summer festival, Seafair. This weekend we have the great privilege of flying Amazon One in the airshow in the time slot just before the Blue Angels! For those of you in Seattle we encourage you to come out and see the show as Amazon One flies over Lake Washington between 1:15 and 1:40 Friday-Sunday."
View more video about Amazon One’s launch:

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