Volga-Dnepr moves 59 tonne compressor unit

Volga-Dnepr Airlines’ Engineering & Logistics Centre (ELC) created a transportation frame to move a 59 tonne compressor from Zurich to Singapore for inclusion into a bespoke oil rig.
The frame served two purposes, spreading the weight of the compressor throughout the cargo cabin of the Antanov 124-100 freighter and also protecting the delicate overhanging high voltage (HV) box.
The compressor was also accompanied by associated cross-over pipework and fixtures weighing an additional 2,600 kilos.
Volga-Dnepr ELC business development manager Alan Baldwin said: “It was imperative we protected the HV box from any movement throughout the transportation process to avoid putting undue stress on the connection and causing any damage.
“The HV box couldn’t be removed for transit because it contained sensitive electrical wiring which was directly connected within the compressor housing.
“he customer wanted to avoid sending an engineer to Singapore to re-assemble it, which would have added more cost and a potential time delay to the project build programme.”
In preparation for the flight, Colin Taylor, ELC load planner conducted a site survey to gather vital dimensional data in order for detailed Autocad drawings to be produced for the design and fabrication of the support frame.

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