VIDEO: IAG Cargo brings manga to London

This is the last time the delicate Shintomiza Kabuki Theatre Curtain will travel outside Japan.

IAG Cargo is acting as the logistics partner for the world’s largest international display of manga art, taking place at the British Museum in London until 26 August.

Organised in conjunction with the National Art Centre, Tokyo and the Organisation for the Promotion of Manga and Anime, ‘Manga’ is part of the Japan–UK Season of Culture 2019-2020.

The ground-breaking exhibition brings together the works of several artists of the genre, with IAG Cargo having flown them from Japan to the UK.

The carrier noted: “From graphic novels to comics, the Japanese art form manga has grown from humble beginnings to a global phenomenon. We are proud to be trusted with works of many great manga artists, transporting culture halfway around the world.”

One of the objects included in the exhibition is the Shintomiza Kabuki Theatre Curtain, on loan from the Waseda University Theatre Museum in Tokyo. The giant curtain, which measures 17 m by 4 m, was created in 1880. Due to its delicate nature, this is the last time that the curtain will be moved outside Japan.

IAG Cargo offers services designed specifically for the transportation of high-value shipments such as irreplaceable works of art. As well as being the chosen cargo partner for various collections at the British Museum, the airline has also worked with the UK’s National Gallery.

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