IAG Cargo’s Critical product passes the 1,000 mark

IAG Cargo’s premium Critical product has handled its 1,000th shipment since launching in October 2016, sending urgently needed automotive parts from Europe to South America.
Critical is focused on urgent and emergency shipments, providing guaranteed capacity and enhanced shipment monitoring for “must-fly” goods.
David Shepherd, commercial director at IAG Cargo, the freight arm of British Airways, Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus, said: “Critical has performed exceptionally well since launch. “Week on week we are seeing new orders and repeat business coming in from customers who need to ensure they can get their goods to where they’re needed, when they’re needed.
“We’re also seeing freight forwarders using the service to guarantee capacity on some of our busier routes. The product has proved to be robust, even during the Christmas peak, and we expect to see demand continue to grow over the coming months.”
IAG Cargo said that demand for Critical has come from right across the group’s global network of over 350 destinations, with the product proving particularly popular for shipments of low-weight goods.
Said a spokesperson for IAG Cargo: “Key trade flows include automotive parts travelling from Europe to assembly lines in South America, particularly Mexico; as well as high tech goods moving from North American cities such as Seattle and Los Angeles to technology hubs including Dublin, Tel Aviv and London.
“Aerospace is another strong market for Critical, particularly for goods including engine parts and in-cabin technology.”
The service has also shipped tuna fish from Mauritius to Los Angeles and seen tyres speed over to the US for the Grand Prix last year. 

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