Jet Time calls it a day on air cargo

Danish airline Jet Time has decided to back out of the air cargo business as part of efforts to return to profitability.
The airline said it would exit air cargo – along with its aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI) deal with SAS – during 2017, with a gradual scale down of flights.
Jet Time today operates five full-freighters of the type B737-400.
Airline chief executive Jørgen Holme said: “We return to Jet Time’s original business, charter, which was the business that paved the way for the airline’s initial success.
“Jet Time has relevance in the market for passenger flights, and it is in this segment that we have a unique service profile.
“The business areas Cargo and ACMI on ATR72 aircraft have created too much complexity in Jet Time, and they are the direct reason why the airline the past years has operated with deficit.
“We now take the necessary steps for Jet Time to become profitable again with a simplified business model and a unified fleet.”
As a direct consequence of the discontinuation of the two business areas, the employees in Jet Time will over the next nine months be reduced by 253 full time positions, corresponding to approximately 35% of full-time positions.

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