Mind the digital gap

A gap is emerging between those air cargo companies that embrace digital technology and those that are failing to do so.
A working group of cargo professionals formed by IT consultant Unisys Corporation found that digital innovations are transforming the way air cargo organisations operate.
Unisys Logistics Solutions vice president Christopher Shawdon said: “The most innovative carriers are now data-driven businesses that are responding dynamically to market changes using cloud, sensors, analytics and digital business.
“Such organisations are differentiating themselves with speed, control and new value by re-thinking all aspects of their business.”
Shawdon said that the working group had identified three areas where industry leaders were making inroads: sensors to drive insights, cloud-based systems and electronic supply chains.
He said air cargo carriers using sensors embedded throughout the supply chain could feed data into rules-based analytics engines that provide insights and early warning of issues.
Those implementing cloud-based technology have the benefit of quick implementation and at a much lower capital cost compared with traditional software and software-as-a-Service models.
Finally, those using electronic supply chains are able to maximise the use of available capacity by allowing their systems to interface with those of their customers and partners.
Unisys  said: “They are using highly targeted e-business campaigns at a more granular level than can be done through telesales.
“And they are using this early and greater visibility of data, combined with mobile technology, to fast-track the flow of goods from acceptance through delivery.”

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