Swiss WorldCargo: Prepared for vaccine after first shipments

Swiss WorldCargo said it is “well positioned” to transport Covid-19 vaccines after handling its first shipments.

The Swiss airline said that over the past six months it had been preparing for the distribution of vaccines.

It pointed out that at the start of the summer it set up an internal taskforce to analyse the potential for shipping Covid-19 vaccines throughout the world.

The task force, comprised of team members from different divisions, has closely analysed how Swiss WorldCargo’s aircraft, network and capacity to and from Switzerland, can best support these global shipments.

The airline added that it had recently successfully carried out its first shipments.

“These have proven that the company can handle complex regulatory and customer necessities, including temperature, cold-chain and timing requirements,” Swiss WorldCargo said.

On December 18, a Swiss aircraft arrived in São Paulo, carrying over 14 tons of finished Covid-19 vaccines. Flight LX 96 from Zurich to São Paulo had departed Zurich on the evening of December 17. Previously, the shipment had been transported from Beijing to Zurich.

The special cargo was carried in ten Envirotainer RAP-e2 containers, which kept the temperature consistently cooled within a range of 2-8 degrees Celsius. 

Together with forwarding partner PGL Brazil, Swiss WorldCargo carried out the shipment on behalf of the Brazilian Butantan institute.  The total shipment carried close to 2m doses of finished Covid-19 vaccines.

This successful collaboration and transport further underlines Swiss WorldCargo’s long-standing expertise in complex pharmaceutical transportation.

Christian Wyss, head of quality and services at Swiss WorldCargo, and leader of the Swiss WorldCargo Vaccine Transport task force, said: “The next few months present a significant challenge for the entire air cargo and logistics industry.

“However, based on our extensive experience carrying out complex pharmaceutical shipments, Swiss WorldCargo is well-positioned to help ship Covid-19 vaccines, to, from and through Switzerland to a variety of global destinations.”


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