time:matters aims to side step bottlenecks with intra-European flights

By Damian Brett

Airline Businesswings and time-critical logistics firm time:matters are partnering on flights between Germany, the UK and Ireland to combat supply chain bottlenecks.

The service will operate to Birmingham and Dublin from Frankfurt am Main on Mondays to Fridays, with late check-in and departure times after 8pm so customers can utilise the full production day.

The logistics firm said the service is “countering capacity bottlenecks in freight traffic” and offers its customers “flexible solutions for maintaining supply chains”.
“Immediately after arrival at the destination airports, the shipments will be made available for collection, distribution, and dedicated transport solutions,” it added. “The early availability saves time and prevents high downtime costs within the supply chains.”
In the opposite direction, flights from Birmingham and Dublin reach Frankfurt early in the morning.

“Current cargo capacities are still limited due to the Corona pandemic,” the company said. “The new dedicated flights of time:matters are therefore primarily used by customers from the logistics, medtech, automotive, machinery and components, aviation, and semiconductor industries.

“The agricultural sector is also benefiting from the additional cargo flights against the backdrop of the current harvest season.”

Alexander Kohnen, chief executive at time:matters, added: “We are pleased to be able to offer our customers flexible and high-performance transport solutions to maintain their supply chains in times of capacity bottlenecks and possible restrictions in cross-border road traffic thanks to the new dedicated flight service. In particular, connectivity to the intercontinental air network plays a crucial role in this regard.”

Businesswings’ fleet is made up of Cessna 208 Caravan and Dornier 228 aircraft.

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