Unilode and Hawaiian Airlines extend partnership

Hawaiian Airlines has renewed its long-term ULD management agreement with Unilode Aviation Solutions.

Brad Matheny, Hawaiian Airlines managing director of cargo, said: the agreement builds on a partnership that started in 2014. “Thanks to Unilode’s expertise and flexibility, we always have the right assets to meet our ULD needs, including some special units, which Unilode has provided for Hawaiian’s ATR-72 fleet in an all-cargo configuration.

“We look forward to advancing our partnership and operations, and fully digitising our ULD fleet for greater control and visibility throughout our network, as well as increased cargo and passenger revenues.”

Unilode ceo Benoît Dumont said: “Unilode’s digitalisation programme will provide Hawaiian Airlines with data and reports to help them offer value-added services to their own customers and give them a competitive edge in the market.

“Hawaiian Airlines will continue to use Unilode’s ULD pooling model that ensures access to the required ULDs on short notice, supplies modern lightweight containers as part of the ULD replacement programme, and provides ULD repairs at its hub and main airport stations.”

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