Unilode and OnAsset complete Bluetooth ULD trial

By Damian Brett

ULD firm Unilode Aviation Solutions and OnAsset Intelligence have completed trials of its smart-phone app that can track Bluetooth-equipped ULDs by connecting to an aircraft’s WiFi system.

The trial was conducted on a flight from Hong Kong to Zurich and demonstrated that the Bluetooth connection between container tag and smartphone is functioning across flight decks.

Data transmitted throughout the flight included location, temperature, humidity and light in the aircraft’s belly.

“The proven capability of end-to-end air cargo tracking will open up new avenues in transportation safety by allowing live in-flight temperature monitoring and automated load sequencing control before take-off,” Unilode said.

Unilode is currently equipping its fleet of 140,000 ULDs with Bluetooth-based tracking devices.

Unilode’s customers will gain access to ULD tracking data and additional information such as temperature and shock records.

Adam Crossno, OnAsset Intelligence chief executive, said: “The entrepreneurial spirit of the team at Unilode is amazing to watch. I am proud my team’s solution can be used to finally solve the missing links in the air cargo supply chain and to provide true value to customers.”

Unilode chief executive Benoît Dumont added: “Unilode’s mobile in-flight tracking application is a great example of the co-creation powers between industry leaders. Mobile tracking applications have been offered by a number of ULD service providers since 2017 but have rarely been adopted, because they miss what customers really need: end-to-end transparency at their fingertips.

“We at Unilode are proud to have developed with our strategic partner a mobile application, which meets the customers’ needs and underpins Unilode’s ambition to bring affordable supply chain transparency to the aviation industry.”

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